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List Of Press Tender

S.No.Item Description Tender No ClientProjectIssue DateDue Date & Time (IST)Contact Person
1 Miscellaneous Civil & StrlWorks for EIL GGN Office LT/8590-000-CQ-T-0344/56 EIL - HEGeneral over head activities f07-AUG-202026-AUG-2020 12:00LOTAVATH THAVURYA
2 Building Interior & Finishing Works for Phase II of HPGRDC KNM/B226-000-CH-TN-7028/1007 HPCL - GEngineering Review, Procuremen30-JUL-202020-AUG-2020 12:00KEDARNATH MAHAPATRA
3 NITROGEN STORAGESYSTEM SM/B297-127-MA-T-4010/1008 GAIL - CEPCM Consultancy Services for 23-JUL-202007-SEP-2020 14:00SUNITA MITRA
4 Rate Contract for Binding of EIL Documents LT/8516-000-SE-T-0003/20 EIL - HEGeneral Overhead activities of22-JUL-202013-AUG-2020 12:00LOTAVATH THAVURYA
5 EPCC-7(DFCU INCL. ETHYLENERECOVERY UNIT, BEU,Py Gas HDT) AKR/B224-125-PM-T-7207/2011 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy26-NOV-201925-AUG-2020 12:00ASHISH KUMAR RASTOGI
6 PKG - 4 FLARE SYSTEM DC/B224-510-MD-T-4520/3008 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy18-NOV-201931-AUG-2020 12:00DIPTIMAN CHATTERJEE
7 PKG-7 DWST, MOUNDED BULLETS& SPHERES WITHIN DYKE DC/B224-323-MA-T-6002/3002 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy15-NOV-201931-AUG-2020 12:00DIPTIMAN CHATTERJEE
8 EPCC-03-PFCC BLOCK ( PFCC GASOLINE DEPENTANIZER) AKR/B224-111-PM-T-7203/2010 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy30-SEP-201928-AUG-2020 12:00ASHISH KUMAR RASTOGI
9 EPCC-08 ( LLDPE/ HDPE) AKR/B224-136-PM-T-7208/2009 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy18-SEP-201903-SEP-2020 12:00ASHISH KUMAR RASTOGI

List Of Press Enquiry

S.No.Item Description RFQ No ClientProjectIssue DateDue Date & Time (IST)Contact Person
1 BAG FILTERS (REVERSE PULSE JET TYPE) 7435-000-GK-MR-4030/4 EIL - R&Population Balance Model for P10-AUG-202031-AUG-2020 12:00KEDARNATH MAHAPATRA
2 SWITCHBOARDS-MV-MCC/PCC/PMCC-DRAWOUT B015-000-XC-MR-0055/108 HPCL - VExecution of Utilities & Offsi10-AUG-202007-SEP-2020 12:00JAYDIP PURKAYASTHA
3 Vapour Recovery System B229-000-LZ-MR-4510/507 HRRL - RExecution of Residual Utilitie25-APR-202031-AUG-2020 12:00ANINDYA SINHA