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List Of Press Tender

S.No.Item Description Tender No ClientProjectIssue DateDue Date & Time (IST)Contact Person
1 EOI - Selection of ConsortiumPartners for PMC of MAHSR Proj SM/8024-000-SE-T-7034/1001 EIL - R&BD activities of Project F27-NOV-202002-DEC-2020 12:00SUNITA MITRA
2 BARRICADING WORKS SM/B297-000-CD-T-8105/1011 GAIL - CEPCM Consultancy Services for 23-NOV-202014-DEC-2020 14:00SUNITA MITRA
3 EPCC -20 IMPORTED CRUDEOIL PIPELINE SM/B224-030-EP-T-9500/1020 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy23-NOV-202007-JAN-2021 12:00SUNITA MITRA
4 Material Handing Services AS/B229-000-TM-T-7102/1012 HRRL - RExecution of Residual Utilitie20-NOV-202011-DEC-2020 12:00ANINDYA SINHA
6 Procurement of Latest International Codes/Standards LT/8523-000-SE-T-9000/19 EIL - HEGeneral Overhead and Software 18-NOV-202003-DEC-2020 12:00LOTAVATH THAVURYA
7 AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEM WORKS KNM/B226-000-EH-TN-7033/1010 HPCL - GEngineering Review, Procuremen11-NOV-202009-DEC-2020 12:00KEDARNATH MAHAPATRA
8 IBMS Works KNM/B226-000-EH-TN-7031/1011 HPCL - GEngineering Review, Procuremen09-NOV-202008-DEC-2020 12:00KEDARNATH MAHAPATRA
9 Caretaking Services at EIL Transit Flats &Guest House-Mumbai LT/8590-000-SE-T-0176/124 EIL - HEGeneral over head activities f09-NOV-202002-DEC-2020 12:00LOTAVATH THAVURYA
10 INFORMATION SYSTEM WORKS KNM/B226-000-EH-TN-7030/1009 HPCL - GEngineering Review, Procuremen06-NOV-202003-DEC-2020 12:00KEDARNATH MAHAPATRA
11 EMPANELMENT OF AGENCIES FORFOR HIRING OF HUMAN RESOURCES LT/8588-000-SE-T-0019/19 EIL - HEGeneral overhead Activities fo03-NOV-202001-DEC-2020 12:00LOTAVATH THAVURYA
12 PKG - 14 PRODUCT WAREHOUSEAND WORKSHOP DC/B224-324-CV-T-8010/25 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy02-NOV-202014-DEC-2020 12:00DIPTIMAN CHATTERJEE
13 COMPOSITE WORKS AT IP2 VAGHODIYA S.M/B360-000-PK-TN-9510/1000 GAIL - NPMC Services for Modification 02-NOV-202001-DEC-2020 14:00SUNITA MITRA
14 PKG-7 DWST, MOUNDED BULLETS& SPHERES WITHIN DYKE DC/B224-323-MA-T-6002/3002 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy02-NOV-202004-DEC-2020 12:00DIPTIMAN CHATTERJEE
15 Renovation of EIL Housing Complex, Sector-17, Vashi LT/8590-000-SE-T-0030/57 EIL - HEGeneral over head activities f29-OCT-202003-DEC-2020 12:00LOTAVATH THAVURYA
16 Civil works for Underground works (Part-A) for LPG Cavern AKG/B329-100-CQ-T-9502/1001 HPCL - MProject Management Consultancy20-OCT-202007-DEC-2020 15:00AMIT KUMAR GUPTA
17 MECHANICAL WORKS-VII (Supply& Installation - Sulphur Coil) SK/B038-914-MR-TN-3002/1030 MRPL - MBS VI09-OCT-202001-DEC-2020 12:00S K SINGH
18 PKG - 4 FLARE SYSTEM DC/B224-510-MD-T-4520/3008 HRRL - RProject Management Consultancy18-NOV-201915-DEC-2020 12:00DIPTIMAN CHATTERJEE

List Of Press Enquiry

S.No.Item Description RFQ No ClientProjectIssue DateDue Date & Time (IST)Contact Person
1 DOSING PACKAGE(SKID MOUNTED) B302-000-LZ-MR-5040/2 NRL - NUEPCM Services for Crude Oil Te25-NOV-202015-DEC-2020 12:00SUNITA MITRA
2 METHANOL A882-999-SA-MR-8626/1138 IOCLBS-VI23-NOV-202014-DEC-2020 12:00REKHA CHOUDHARY
3 CARBON STEEL LINE PIPES (BARE & COATED) B302-000-QB-MR-9140/3 NRL - NUEPCM Services for Crude Oil Te13-NOV-202007-DEC-2020 12:00SUNITA MITRA
4 Gas Metering System (Ultrasonic) B359-000-YF-MR-2940/1 GAIL - NPROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY30-OCT-202007-DEC-2020 14:00SUNITA MITRA
5 SUPPLY OF CATALYST FOR CONVERSION 8603-000-QM-MR-6821/600 EIL - R&Research and development servi29-OCT-202001-DEC-2020 12:00KEDARNATH MAHAPATRA